April 27, 2023

Who are mobile mechanics?

Who are mobile mechanics?
Ben Oguntimehin

Picture this...

You're busting through the door, your work bag in one hand, your coffee in the other…somehow managing to hold on to your keys with your spare pinky. 

You reach for the car handle, simultaneously tapping the unlock  button on your car keys, perfect timing, like one of those mission impossible stunts with Tom Cruz. You push the start button… but instead of the vehicle starting it makes an awful clicking sound!

This is Monday morning for many of our first time users. Paying for a tow truck isn't an expense most want to pay for, and “boosting the car battery ?” They’ve already tried that! This is where the thought of “ a mechanical wizard ” to the rescue comes to mind.

Fortunately, you don't have to make a wish and click your heels 3 times for one to drop from the sky! Mobile mechanics exist! And we know how to bring the best ones right to your doorstep.

Mobile Mechanics

Mobile mechanics come to you, wherever you are, to carry out a requested service or repair. They are a convenient and practical option for those of us who are always on the go and don't have time to wait around at the mechanic shop.

Currently, most of us only use mobile mechanics for smaller problems such as “car doesn’t start”, “battery boost”, and “oil changes”, but did you know mobile mechanics can do up to 80% of the repairs your car needs right on your driveway? Yeah! That means no more waiting around in a stuffy waiting room, no more “taking time off” work, no more arranging rides to and from the shop, and no more wasting time in your already busy schedule.

10 services mobile mechanics currently offer at your chosen location:

  1. Diagnostic Services
  2. Brake Services
  3. Engine Services
  4. Inspection
  5. Suspension services
  6. Electrical Services 
  7. Transmission services 
  8. Wheels & Tires Services 
  9. Routine Maintenance Services
  10. Battery Services

Each of these services are broad and have even more services nested within them. Mobile mechanics are becoming more robust in their offerings as their mobile storage spaces increase.

Benefits of using Mobile services

More recently vehicle owners have been choosing to use mobile mechanics for their vehicle repair needs, especially post Covid Pandemic. Vehicle owners can often expect the following four benefits when choosing a mobile mechanic:

1. Convenience

As we’ve mentioned previously, their ability to come to you is a very compelling reason alone. They only need 2.3m (7’5”) of clearance and 1.2m (4’0”) of space around the sides of your vehicle to complete a repair.

This allows mobile mechanics to carry out repairs on your driveway, garage, some parking lots, and on the side of low traffic roads.

However, they are limited by the mobile storage units (aka storage space) of their cars, vans, or trucks. The less tools and parts they can carry, the less services a single mobile technician can offer.

2. Time saving

When dropping off your vehicle at the shop, your car is generally dropped into a queue. It could be twenty-four hours before your vehicle is actually looked at by a technician, so the time your car is unavailable is not necessarily 100% due to the repair, it could simply be a result of its position in the queue.

When a mobile mechanic comes to you, he comes for your vehicle and your vehicle alone, drastically reducing the perceived time of unavailability to 100% work time as opposed to the 20% wait time and 80% work time that some experience when using shops for their repairs.

3. Cost effective

It’s rare that you find a service that saves you both time and money, but Mobile mechanics have proven to do just that. Most mechanic shop hours are from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday, exactly the same hours as most office jobs. This leads to interference with our work schedule and often requires us to take unpaid time off.

If the shop doesn’t have a standing shuttle or taxi service, this can become an additional cost to travel back and forth from home/work.

Mobile mechanics take on the burden of transportation so you don’t have to. Some users request a contactless service so they can focus on work while the repair is done at work or on their driveway. (Contactless service: Where a mechanic comes to the vehicles location and carries out the service without the need to physically interact with you).

4. Personalized service

Mobile mechanics typically offer a more personalized service, as they're working directly with you and your car. Often you may find that they are the same technicians that work on your car at your local mechanic shop. You can take this opportunity to ask them questions, tips & tricks that'll keep your car going as long as possible.

Where can you find a great Mobile Mechanic?

In conclusion, we at Wi-Tech believe that mobile mechanics are a convenient and practical option for those of us who are always on the go, but it's necessary to make sure you are selecting technicians that can professionally complete the repair in order to avoid failed repairs and money wasted.

Our app WiDrive does the heavy lifting for you, we’ve created a platform to partner with specialized technicians who come to your location to repair your vehicles. Our experienced technicians offer upfront pricing for your selected repair.

You can rest assured that when you select a repair for safety items such as brakes or suspension, a licensed and insured technician will be at your door ready to complete the repair.

Click the button below to download the WiDrive app! Select a mobile mechanic to repair your vehicle in your driveway today!